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SEPRA Needs Your Help

Dear Friends:

You are receiving this message because of your support of SEPRA in the past, either through volunteering, adopting, participating in Pugfest, or financial support. We continue to struggle, though we are doing better than most rescues. Since 2008, SEPRA has steadily, kept up with the influx of Pugs and Pug Mixes needing rescue. See, we are one of the few Pug rescues that will take the mixes, the sick, the old. Our number of Heartworm positive dogs is like we have never seen before as the attached flyer shows. The dogs coming in to SEPRA are older, sicker, and the families willing to adopt, are fewer and far between. How someone gives up a dog at age 11 that they have had as a puppy is beyond most of us, but that is what we are dealing with. Only through the efforts of a small group of dedicated volunteers has SEPRA been able to hold everything together.

Due to other rescues closing, we now cover Georgia, Alabama, North Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois. We have 60+ dogs in foster care with a waiting list waiting for an opening.

We need your help—what kind? For the following:

  • To take on the organization of a fundraising project,
  • To scour the internet for grant opportunities,
  • To transport dogs to the Vet during the day, or to foster homes
  • To be a foster home, believe me, it is an experience like no other
  • To adopt a senior or special needs dog—just look at Maggie in the flyer. She is amazing!
  • To donate cash

We need your help to survive, that is the bottom line. Please contact us via info@rescuepug.com if you are willing to take on the challenge, donations can be made via the SEPRA website.

From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate so much what you have done for us in the past, and we know that if we band together, we can get through these tough times.

SEPRA Board of Directors

SEPRA • PO Box 1329 • Suwanee, GA 30024 • mo-info@rescuepug.com • 770-887-9741