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Louie came to us in 2011, shortly after the passing of our 13-year-old Boston Terrier, Felix, whose brother, Oskar, died the year prior. When Felix died, we knew we couldn’t go long without a dog! I came across Louie’s sweet picture and bio on the SEPRA website and knew he was the one for us! We submitted our application immediately and got to meet Louie soon after. The first thing he did when he came through our door was greet me with kisses. As if I wasn’t already in love with him from his pictures—now I knew I would be heartbroken if we couldn’t have him! He was full of energy, but so gentle with our one-year-old son. It was definitely meant to be! We had to wait a little longer before he became ours forever, but soon he was back in our home for good.

We’re not sure what Louie’s first couple years were like (he was a stray rescue), but he is so well mannered and easy-going. Our vet even commented that we really got a gem! He’s a little guy at about 16 pounds, but that’s good, because his breathing isn’t the greatest and would be much worse if he was overweight. He is the most friendly dog I’ve ever met and he thinks everyone who comes to our house to visit (or repair the furnace, or whatever) came JUST to see him :). He gets along great with other dogs and my parents’ Boston Terrier and him are buddies. His favorite things to do are: eat, lie across someone’s lap, chew on his Nylabone, run around in circles (we never knew about “pug circles” before!), eat, race to beat us to the couch, follow us around the house, eat, nap with his tongue out, and beg for between-meal snacks.

I had said that I really wanted a dog who needed me, and boy does Louie ever fit that bill! He can’t stand to be alone! He is spunky, but like any pug, he knows how to take a good nap, too. He keeps us on our toes with his appetite for anything and everything (including tissues and other contraband items) but he has a heart of gold. Our kids love him and he is so patient and gentle with them. He has been such a blessing to us these past couple years and we hope to have many, many more years with our little Lou-Lou.

We owe a huge thank you to SEPRA and to Louie’s foster mom, Gina, who is the best! We stay in touch with Gina through Facebook and she opens her home to Louie when we can’t take him with us on trips. Louie is our first rescue and we are so thankful for all SEPRA does for pugs in need!

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