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Peggy Sue

Hi there! My name is Peggy Sue and I am a six year old female Pug who was rescued by Sepra after my many years in a puppy mill. Wow- what a difference a couple of months can make!! I spent the first part of my life living in a wire crate in conditions that no dog should have to experience. Fortunately, I am now in a foster home where my foster mom spoils me rotten. I sleep in a warm, cushy bed where I even get to cuddle with people and my foster sister. I absolutely love the amount of human contact I now have and am slowly starting to trust people and learn that there is lots of love out there to be had.

I did have a few medical issues that needed to be taken care of when I arrived. Due to the many litters I had, the procedure I had to ensure I would have no more pups was pretty rough. I have recovered quite nicely. I am also on the mend from two pretty severe ear infections. You might need to keep an eye on my eyes just to ensure they stay clean and infection free. I am deaf, but have learned a few hand signals since I have been here. I am quite the genius! I am a very picky eater – in fact my foster mom fed me hamburger for the first several weeks because I refused to eat anything else. She tried everything and I would turn my nose up at all of it. I didn’t eat for an entire week when I first arrived. I have finally settled on food that I will eat, but am more interested in the soft food than the hard dog food. I will need to continue to eat this food since nothing else seems to peak my interest. I tip the scales at a whopping 12.5 lbs...so as you can see I need to make sure I eat.

I am not a very active pug, but am very sweet. I love to cuddle with my foster family now that I am comfortable. I will need a family that is patient with me as it does take me some time before I trust strange people. I will run from people with whom I am not familiar, but am getting better every day. When I first arrived at my foster home, I did laps around the deck because I could not figure out how to get down those darn steps. I have mastered those two steps and love to wander around the back yard. I am house trained. I will not necessarily tell you I need to go outside, but as long as you let me out on a regular basis I am good! I have only had a couple of accidents in the months I have been here. I consider that quite an accomplishment given my lack of training for the first six years of my life. I am quite proud of myself!

I would love to have my own family who is willing to be patient with me and will give me as much love as I am willing to give back! It would be best if my new family did not have small children as they scare me a bit and can sometimes be rough. I interact fine with other small dogs as long as they are not aggressive and do not mind sharing the attention.

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